Reason 1 for gold price escalation

Covid crisis :
Covid crisis was a deadly disease and took many healthy lives. It has also created an impact on the market. Many lost their jobs, cititzens are running after payments and bills. The best way for any citizen to keep up with their financial crisis was either by selling gold or pledging it. The price have inflated and it is plus for the citizen. The Gold price is increasing and the citizens are pledging it at pawn brokers to run their lives, We at attica founded by Dr. Bommanahalli Babu, give our customers a maximum online gold price and buy the gold

Reason 2 for Gold price escalation

India is one of the largest consumer and importer of gold. As the demand increased the gold mining was stopped due to the lockdown. The interest rates on returns hit low, citizens who invests don’t get good returns, this increased the gold consumption and its rate in the market. Hence the gold price is increasing everyday

Reason 3 for gold price escalation

Currency fluctuations:
Gold is always traded in USD so when gold is imported the trade has to be converted from dollar into rupee. Since the past two years rupee has dipped quite sharply increasing gold price. Gold price also depends on the international gold market.

Attica gold company has monitored changes caused in the gold market. Customers are either paying more interest rate by pledging gold or selling gold to meet their daily needs. The drawbacks is old or pledged gold sellers are not getting paid as per the online price. Customers have to pay high interest rates to release pledged gold or sell it at a lesser rate. Attica assures to help our customers with instant payments for selling gold at Attica.

Attica will buy any form of “old or pledged gold” at an online price. Paying its customers with true valuation of gold at online price which will help to meet their financial problems and also help investors by paying cash for gold helping investors in investing accordingly. Attica is willing to pay for gold at the highest rate in the gold market, friendly understanding customers but helping them financially and professionally.Gold price

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