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To Sell Gold Ornaments

Following are the two ways to sell ornaments to us

1. Physical Sell Gold (If You Hold Physical Jewellery/Precious Metals to Sell)
  1. Bring your ornaments to our branch that you would like to sell
  2. Original bill of the ornaments (If Available*)
  3. Your original valid ID proof (PAN Card/Aadhar Card)
  4. Latest original residence proof
  5. Passport size photo
2. Release Gold (If You holds pledged gold in banks, pawn shops or Financiers and want to sell after releasing)
  1. Bring your original Pledge/Pawn ticket
  2. Original Valid ID Proof (Original to be shown)
  3. Your latest Address Proof
  4. Passport Size Photograph


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Process of Evaluating

Gold Purity and Weighing

  • The next step within the method of shopping for your gold jewelry involves determining the purity of gold or other jewellery and its weight through XRF technologies German made machine.
  • We ensure, we tend to offer best value every time.
  • We believe in complete transparency so we check the purity and weight of gold jewellery right in front of customer. We use German made purity checking machine which gives  accurate purity of your gold.
  • Attica Gold does not melt or break any gold or silver items to check the purity of ornaments.
  • After checking the purity and weighing the gold jewellery, we tend to inform the customers about final amount of their jewels after deducting our 3% Attica Gold fee to complete the process
  • If customer is happy with the amount, we pay spot cash for jewels instantly. Else we returns the gold without melting and damaging.



Eligibility & Payments

  • We would request you to be Prepared with following documents
    • Original ID proof and photocopy
    • Original address/residence proof and photocopy
    • One passport size photo
  • Seller : (Any Two Documents) Like PAN, Aadhar, Voters ID, Work ID, Passport, Drivers license, Telephone bill, Electricity bill, Gas connection bill, Rental agreement.
  • NRI & PIO : Passport, PAN, Current Address in India.
  • Foreigner Seller : Passport, Visa, Present Indian Address.


  • Only major person ( aged 18 years) are allowed to transact.You have to get the family’s written  permission, if you are under 22 years old.
  • One ID & Address proof for verification. ( More details in Documentation).
  • You are not allowed to sell articles belonging to their friends, relatives, colleagues, or any other persons.
  • You may sell articles inherited & purchased by you, or if it belongs to your spouse, then with their consent.
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