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Why Attica Gold is recommended than other gold buyers ?

The trust and satisfaction of our customers is the reason behind the growth of our organization. It’s a common practice in India that people tend to monetize their gold jewelry in their needs of cash. Attica Gold Company becomes the fastest growing company in India, which deals in buy/release pledged gold from financial institute/pawnbrokers.
Attica Gold Company is the most trusted gold buyer in India, Attica gold has gained public trust and recognition by creating an organization, with excellent customer service, total transparency, and professionalism unlike any of our peers in this space.

Gold Buyers

Process before Selling Gold

Step -1 Our team of professionals will first provide you an estimate
Step -2 With your satisfaction, a computerized gold test machine with German technology karat meter (the non-fatal
method is executed to determine the purity of gold.
Step-3 Finally your documents will be registered and verified and the amount will be paid immediately via RTGS/IMPS/CASH!

In India where to sell gold for cash near me, we have lot of options available to buy any ornaments and same when it comes to pledge our gold, but when the situation arise to sell your scraps for any reason, may be to fund your children fee, buy a new flat/plot or for buying new ornaments the available options are very limited and are not transparent. Banks sell the gold bullion, bars or coins to individuals but they never buy back from them. So people have no choice but to sell their gold to the craftsmen or jewel smith. They take the advantage of situation and deduct the hefty amount as wastage charge, melting charge, etc from customers and pay maximum 60-65% of gold value which is not worth  for customers.

It is observed that money en-cashed on selling gold leads to disappointment if you do not research following things properly before selling gold


A genuine jeweller always asks you to produce the original bill while selling the gold. It helps you to avoid conflict of interest as purity of gold is clearly mentioned in the bill. It is impossible for the Gold Buyers to deny as the details of purchased gold would be clearly stated in the original invoice.


Your gold is worth probably more today than yesterday, If you want to sell gold in the form of coin or jewelry, there is probably no better time than now. However, you must be very cautious when choosing a company to determine its value. So Visit near by attica gold buyers to sell gold or release pledged gold for instant cash.


Check whether your ornaments are hallmarked or not as only gold bar and coin comes in 24 carat. Ornaments come in 22 carat or less purity. If your ornaments are 916 hallmarked then it is confirmed that your gold has 91.6% gold and rest is mixed with alloy to make the ornaments. If the gold has no hallmark then Gold Buyers can manipulate you for low purity; to avoid these embarrassment, you can visit any store which has purity checking carat meter machine to get purity certificate.


Jewellers use many methods to check the purity of gold like, acid test, electrical conductivity test or XRF test. In first two tests, there are high chances that you may lose some percentage of gold in process of checking the purity. Some jewellers also melt the ornaments and filter the gold to determine the purity and weight but again it is a loss if you are not happy with purity and weight of your melted gold.You need to visit a store which uses XRF technology to check purity as it gives accurate purity without losing a single gram of your jewels.

Gold Buyers

The best option to sell your gold jewellery  for Gold Buyers who checks the purity of ornaments through XRF machine and offers the highest rate among all you have enquired before selling it.Selling used or unwanted gold ornaments can be an easy, convenient and quick way to make easy and hassle free cash to get rid out of financial crunches.It has been seen in India that selling gold in an economic trouble for cash is a common practice than encash other investments.

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