Gold Buyers in Bangalore


Attica Gold Company is the best and No.1 among gold buyers in Bangalore. The trust and satisfaction reposed in us by our beloved customers only made us to achieve this feet. Attica Gold Company was started by our Founder-Chairman Mr.Bommanahalli Babu in the year 2013 with just 10 employees at Queens Road Bangalore. His outstanding service to the customers made Attica Gold, the top gold buying company in Bangalore today and also spreading in other states, especially neighboring states-Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We have a total of 58 branches and in Bangalore city alone, we have now expanded 16 branches. In Chennai, we have five branches in key localities. Our fully satisfied customers prompted us to expand our branches not only in Bangalore but also in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. Today we are the top Jewellery buyers of gold , silver and other precious metals in Bangalore.

We are the best Gold Buyers in Bangalore

Transparent dealing with customers, spot payment for their old gold and silver jewelry, customer-friendly services made us to occupy the No.1 position among gold buying companies in Bangalore. Attica Gold is still expanding its branches with a motive to provide handy and convenient services to our customers who needs to sell gold or release pledged gold . Our genuine way of approach and transparent dealing in front of the customer’s eyes make us the best gold buyer in Bangalore today. The equipment we use for our business is a modern and trusted German technology: XRF-based purity checking machine. Coming to the gold rate, we purchase gold at the current market rate.

Gold comes under the top commodities and it is traded at all exchanges worldwide. London and New York stock exchanges play a vital role in determining the gold price all over the world. Gold Jewelry is one among the most valuable things in everyone’s life. Keeping this in our mind, especially to make the best deal for our customers, we have appointed personnel who have more than 10 years experience in gold works. The staff are present in all our branches and will decide the perfect price for your gold. If you are ready to sell your gold to us with 100% satisfaction, we pay spot cash for gold . We do release your pledged gold from banks. We charge the margin amount, which is spent for releasing your gold and will give back you the remaining amount of your gold at the current market price. While releasing the pledged gold one person from our side will come along with you to the respective bank to release your gold. From there, you will be taken to our office for the purity check of your recovered gold. After estimating the perfect price, we will take your gold and will handover to you the rest amount on the spot. The best thing we do for our customers is that we don’t collect any extra charges for gold purity check-up, melting and any other service charges. We do have a good ‘Customer Support Center’, where they will respond to you immediately. Our personnel at Customer Support Center can speak multiple languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil.