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Sell Gold

Step 1: Find a trusted gold buyer in your area You might have heard of the scams that people who sell gold to local buyers can fall prey to. Gold is a precious metal, and when you’re dealing with someone who has been buying gold for a long time, it can be easy to get scammed if they know what they’re doing....

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Gold World

Gold World Most people know where gold is found, but not everyone knows which deposits have the most gold in them. Some might not even realize that there are different types of gold deposits. All of these factors will play a role in determining how much gold you can find in a single location. In general, there are two types of deposits, lode,...

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Gold Marketing

Overview of Gold Marketing 1. Know the market value of gold. The first step is to know the current market value of gold. This will give you a good starting point for negotiation. Check online or ask a jeweler for the current market price per gram. 2. Find a reputable buyer. There are a lot of gold buyers out there, but not all of them...

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Gold production insights

Investing in gold production has complex economics, and mining is a long-term investment. Gold is scarce, and the great majority of gold mining firms' exploratory activities do not yield commercially viable quantities of gold. A large-scale gold mine takes at least ten years to develop once a sufficient ore deposit is discovered. A deeper understanding of these lifecycle economics will enable...

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Gold mining

Gold mining is a big business. The industry is worth 24 billion-dollar a year of commerce with copious amounts of future output. It takes an extraordinary amount of financial backing along with the resources and know-how to make it in the industry. And very few companies succeed. We are proud to say that the Attica gold company is one of the...

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