Interesting Facts About Top Gold Jewellery Users Country

Top Gold Users Country and Interesting Facts about Gold

  • The color of “gold” is yellow and it is the only element found in yellowish so its name derived from an English word “geolu”.

  • In its purest form, gold is reddish yellow, bright, soft, malleable and ductile element.

  • India, China and U.S. hold 57% of gold jewellery market. And India tops among three with selling of 746 tons of gold in 2010.

  • China comes second with 400 tons of gold and U.S. third with 129 tons of gold during the same duration.

  • The largest gold demand from India, China and U.S. shows the rich cultural significance of country and believes in investing on gold jewellery on festival.

  • Two thirds of the gold produced in Africa but India is the largest consumer of gold.

  • Only 24 karat of gold found in its purest form, different karats of gold i.e. 22K comes with approx 88% purity, 18K with 75%, 14K with 58.5% and the remaining part of the metal comes with mixture of silver, platinum, palladium, zinc, nickel, iron and cadmium.

  • Gold is considered as one of rare element, and found that there is more silver is produced per hour than the total gold has dug up till date.

  • Oceans water is fully riches of gold metal and it is assumed that around 10 billion tons of gold is in ocean but have not found any mechanism to unearth it economically.

  • Gold is so ductile that one tola of gold can be stretched into many miles as a thread.

  • Gold is an extremely malleable element and measured that a single tola of gold can be spread out in 100 square feet sheet.

  • Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras are auspicious day in India and accounted for 35% more sales of gold in a single day.

  • According to a research, 75% women admitted that they constantly check out for new designs and 50% admitted that they present gold jewelry as gifts on weddings and marriage anniversary.

  • Gold is used for multi-purpose, apart from gold jewellery and investment of gold coins and bars, gold is used for other purposes also like use in electronics, dentistry, electrical wiring, color glass, medicine and radiation glass.

  • Because of gold unique property, it is used in astronaut’s helmets to reflect infrared rays while allowing sunlight to pass through and it also helps to keep it cool.

  • The largest gold nugget weighs 195 pounds found in California, U.S.

  • Gold is one of heaviest and high density elements and it covers one cubic foot to weigh half a ton.