Sell Gold

Sell Gold

Step 1: Find a trusted gold buyer in your area

You might have heard of the scams that people who sell gold to local buyers can fall prey to. Gold is a precious metal, and when you’re dealing with someone who has been buying gold for a long time, it can be easy to get scammed if they know what they’re doing. To find a trusted gold buyer, you can ask your friends and family members if they have any recommendations. Alternatively, you can use the internet to find a gold buyer in your area.

 Step 2: Make an appointment.

Once you have found the right gold buyer for yourself, contact them and ask for an appointment. You might want to do this over the phone or by sending them an email. It would be best if you tried to make an appointment before visiting their store as this will save you from waiting and help you get to see the person who is going to buy your gold from you immediately.

 Step 3: Evaluate your jewelry.

If you do not know how much gold is present in your jewelry, then it would be wise for you to evaluate its worth at least three times before selling it off to the buyer. The best way of doing this would be by taking it to a reputed jeweler who will weigh and assess the purity of your jewelry.

Choosing the correct service is the greatest approach to sell gold. For example, Attica Gold is a reputable gold buyer, and the Buyback program has been designed to ensure that the seller receives the best possible price for their gold.
The gold authentication process is not only carried out using exact Swiss technology but the purchaser is also invited to watch the entire process live as well as replayed through CCTV recordings.
This removes the possibility of human error and provides the buyer with peace of mind.
They also obtain a software-generated document that declares the total weight of gold, as well as the final value, taxes, and deductions. The final sum due is subsequently transferred to the customer’s bank account, effectively completing the transaction.

sell gold

Come see us and bring the gold you want to sell.
Although not required, bills serve as a reference if they are present.
To determine the precise purity of the gold, we examine it using our German karat tester machine.
Stones, beads, enamel, and wax will all be worthless components.
It can take a few minutes to test each article.
Once the test findings are complete, an automatically created valuation report will be shown in our system.
We will provide you with the best market price for your gold based on the study.
Cash, IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS will be used to immediately pay for your gold upon acceptance (online transfer).


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