Best Gold Jewellery Buyers in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

Gold Jewellery Buyers in Hyderabad & Secunderabad

If you want to sell your gold for instant cash against gold on best market price to get the maximum value of your ornaments than pawn shops...Read More

Best Gold Buyers for Chennai and Tamil Nadu

Best Gold Buyers in Chennai to Buy, Exchange and Release Pledged Gold

Attica Gold offers you a convenient and easy way to get instant cash for gold offering the most competitive price in Tamil Nadu...Read More

Gold Buyers in Bangalore

Attica gold company is the best gold buyers in Bangalore.The trust and satisfaction of our customers...Read More

Fastest Growing Gold Buying Company in India

Attica Gold Becomes Fastest Growing Gold Buying and Selling Company in India

Attica Gold Company becomes the fastest growing company in India, which deals in buying, selling, releasing pledge gold and all type of jewelry in India. Attica Gold Company was officially launched on 05 Jan, 2015 with their head office based out in Queens Road, Bangalore, India. In a sort span of 10 months time...Read More

Why Should Not Sell Gold to Pawn Brokers/Shops

Why Not to sell Gold to Pawn Brokers

The gold loan market in India is a staggering 40,000 - 45,000 crores worth market including the organized and unorganized sector presently operating in India. Research studies on the market provide statistical data reveals that 50% - 60% people, who pledge gold for liquid cash, not able to release it due to many reasons; losing their precious gold to lower price than actual worth. Normally NBFCs and Pawn Brokers charge an interest rate ranging from 16.00% to 36.00%...Read More

Where and How to Sell Gold Jewelery

Where and How to Sell Old Gold

Selling used or unwanted gold ornaments can be an easy, convenient and quick way to make easy and hassle free cash to get rid out of financial crunches.It has been seen in India that selling gold in an economic trouble for cash is a common practice than encash other investments, such as shares and stocks..Read More

Interesting Facts About Gold

Top Gold Consumers and Some Interesting Facts About Gold

The color of “gold” is yellow and it is the only element found in yellowish so its name derived from an English word “geolu”...Read More